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2009 - 2010

Members Welfare & Services

(1) Business Development Activity

During the year Bank entered in to a tie-up with "Bombay Dyeing" for attractive Gift to Members who are our main business contracts. Members were allowed to choose from 17 different items and till today 1.77 lacs members have taken benefit of this extremely attractive gift. Excellent arrangements were made by the Bank for distribution of the gift in the centre of the city, for almost 3 months. Many dignitaries visited the Gift distribution site and congratulated the Bank for the excellent arrangement made as well as the technological innovations introduced for speedy distribution. Such arrangements for distribution were made at out city branches too.

(2) Magic Machine

Bank has always been in the forefront of betterment and overall progress of society. A machine to make staff members free of their daily vices was imported from Germany. A lot of staff members have taken benefit of this machine and are ever greatful to the Bank for helping them overcome their vices. A number of members of our Bank has also taken benefits of this machine.

(3) Car for fetching the bride

A Schema "Ladi Mate Gadi" was introduced by the Bank. A Brand new Honda City fully decorated as well as a seven seater Tavera is made available for members on  the occasion of their marriage or the marriage of any of their family members. A no. of members have taken benefit of this scheme.

(4) 100% Interest Relief to Members on their death

For the benefit of heirs of the deceased borrower Bank introduced 100% interest relief on the loans availed by them. This relief is granted by the arbitrator and the Bank acquiesces to it.

(5) Assistance to patient suffering from kidney disease

Bank has made arrangements for free dialysis at B. T. Savani Kidney Hospital in Rajkot City for patients suffering from Kidney disease. Similar arrangements been also been made for cancer patients for availing treatment at subsidized rates at Rajkot Cancer Hospital.

(6) Discount on various product to Members.

During this year Bank took advantage of its large member base and used its bargaining power for availing discounts from manufacturers for its members on various products of daily use such as "Rajmoti Ground Nut Oil", "My E-Bike Electronic Bike', Appliances of Usha Electric. A large number members took benefit of the discount.

(7) 100% Interest relief to small and regular borrowers

The scheme for offering 100% interest relief on loans to small and regular borrower up to 25000/- which was stated in 2006-07, was continued during the current year also. This has worked as an incentive for borrowers to pay their instalments regularly.

(8) Regularity Repayment Reward

For borrowers below 25000/- we have the scheme for 100% interest relief. But for borrowers above 25000/- who repay their interest / instalments regularly we have a scheme giving them coupons which may be used by them at the time of payment of various charges to the Bank.

(9) Our Samanvay

For maintaining a continuous rapport with the members, Bank started "Samachar Samanvay". This house journal successfully completed one year and ha helped members get close & personal with the Bank.

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