Advances Demat Securities

Overdraft Against Dematerialized Shares
Elegibility Demat A/C holder & Share holder of R.N.S.B.
Nature of Advance Overdraft
Approved Scrip Nifty-50, Sensex-30, A-group & selected B-group stocks (Approx 400 scrip)
Amount of advance upto maximum of Rs.10 Lacs
Lending % Cumulative 45-50%
Price for evaluation of portfolio for lending purpose Last closing price of the stocks
Security Pledge of shares in dematerialized form
Rate of interest 9.50% (P.A)
Processing charge Rs.50/- per lac(minimum Rs.100/-)

Inquiry Nos. : 0281-2236916/17.

Contact Person : Manager in DEMAT Dept. (RAJKOT)

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