Our Strengths

Strength Factors Figures Dated : 31 Mar 2019
Total Share Capital & Reserve Fund  Rs. 603.68 Crores
Total Deposit Base Rs. 4343.34 Crores
Total Advances Landed Rs. 2465.48 Crores
No. of Branches 38 Branches (29 branches have their own premises)
Total Membership 2,86,256
Net Profit Rs. 72 Crores
Scheduled Status Since Aug 1988
Multi- State Status Since Jan 2001
Business Per Employee Rs. 699.78 Lacs
Fully Computerized Branches & Departments All Branches  and Departments
Dividend to Shareholders 18%
Total Investment in Government Security (SLR) Rs.881.91 Crores
Depository Participant Facility Provided Depository Participant of CDSL since October 2001
Management Experienced and foresighted Board of Directos, including IT Practioners, Chartered Accountants, Industrialists, Businessmen etc
Staff Members Committed, Dedicated and Professional Staff of 973
Capital Risk Adequacy Ratio 17.54%
Net NPA 1.5%
Borrowings from any Bank / Institution. (NHB) 7.88  Crores ( N.H.B.)
Advances Against Share Stands At 0.15% Of Total Advances
Insured Deposits Deposits upto Rs. One Lac are fully insured with DICGC

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