how to buy naltrexone

how to buy naltrexone

lexapro and weed effects

lexapro and weed effects
Ideal saving scheme for salaried investors
Significant Features:
-- Any individual can open Recurring Deposit Account
-- Maximum 3 names are allowed in a joint account
-- Minimum amount of monthly Installment is Rs. 100/-
-- Recurring Deposit Account is Accepted for Minors too.
-- Nomination facility is available
-- Irregularity in the deposition of installment attracts penalty
-- Deposit installment on any day of the month
-- Get desired amount on maturity by selecting installment amount

Requisites for opening an account:
-- Duly filled Account Opening form
-- 2 Photographs of each signatory
-- Photocopy of Pan Card or Duly filled Form 60
-- Aadhar Card In case of submission of Form 60,
any one of the following five Officially Valid Documents is required –
(i) Passport
(ii) Driving License
(iii) Election Card
(iv) NAREGA Job Card issued by the State Govt.
(v) Letter with Name & Address issued by National Population Register

Current Rate of Interest
Deposit periodRate of Interest
12 Months7.50%
24 Months7.50%
36 Months7.00%
60 Months5.00%

* In case of any discrepancy, Interest rate card available with Branch Manager shall prevail
* Rates quoted are subject to change without notice.