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RAJKOT NAGARIK SAHAKARI BANK is offering Demat services for the benefit of the customers.Demat services offer secured and convenient way to keep track of your Securities and Investments. Through this facility, customers can open Demat accounts with us and hold their securities in Electroninc form.
We are working as a Depository Participant of 'Central Depository Services (India) Limited (CDSL).'

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Easi (electronic access to securities information) is a convenient, easy to operate internate based facility, which allowsregistered Benificial owners(Bos) & Clearing Members (CMs) to access their demat account through the internet to check the detail of their holdings and/or transactions, anytime anywhere through CDSL's website or My Esi App on Play Store.

Benifits of easi to BO's

  • Viewing and printing details of holding and/or transactions for lat 7 days in their account.
  • Viewing and printing the valuation of holdings in their demat account based onthe previous day's closing price on BSE.
  • Viewing multiple demat accounts through a single login id.
  • Monitoring corporate annoucement related to the securities held in their demat accounts.

Register now for easi at or My Esi App(Play store)


CDSL/s internet-based facility easiest (electronic access to securities information & execution of secured transactions),permits BOs to submit off-market, on-market, inter-depository and early pay-in debits instructions from their demat account. Moreover, all the facilities and benefits of the easi are autometically made available to a subscriber of easiest.

There are two types of account transfer available on easist

  • Trusted account : Permits transfer of securities from BO account to any 4 CDSL demat accounts of the BOs choice, which have been pre-notifies by the BO.
  • Account of choice : Permits transfer of securities from BO account to any other demat account including the CM settlement accounts. All the on-market, off-market, early pay-in and interdepository transactions are authenticated by means of a digital signature.

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